Monday, March 18, 2013

bell lamp. & happy monday to ya!

happy monday friends...i hope you had an amazing weekend! i wanted to share with you today, these simple in form yet robust in design bell lamps offered up by normann copenhagen. i want clusters of them...
the shape of these bell lamps gives the appearance of having been cast, yet it's made out of steel. the designers andreas lund & jacob rudbeck explain that as light is a gatherer and provides a warm space to gather, so too has the bell historically been the tool which calls people together. so why not combine them? so they did...

i also enjoy the fact that these 2 designers have exposed and promoted really, the space and place where the lead or connector meets the lamp. they've incorporated that connection into the design, accentuating it as an equally important part. which is kind of neat. and kind of making me want bunches of these.

here's to hoping your weekend was grand. i took my son to see blue man group in boston. we laughed a ton. spending time together was really the best part. have a great start to your monday...enjoy!

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