Wednesday, February 20, 2013

this site.

i have alot on my mind these days (my own fault as i try to tackle waaayyyy tooooo many things all at once). sometimes going full throttle is a good thing...it can be productive beyond how you imagined. and yet at times, it can make you realize that you forgot to eat in the last, oh, say...day, kind of hectic. in between all of my craziness, i really, really love visiting this site. it's the dutch blog, bloesum blog. it's always fresh, pretty, fun, inspiring...and makes me breathe and smile, all at the same time.
what about you? are there places you go when you have days/times like this? or is it a magazine or book that soothes you? i'd love to hear. anyway, enjoy the rest of your day. i hope it's sans craziness ;)

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