Thursday, February 21, 2013

the nub seat.

happy almost friday friends! today i'm really enjoying this "nub" seating by andreu world and designed by patricia urquiola, though i enjoy most everything she designs anyway...
reminiscent of cabinets, of rungs leading up and down traditional staircases. or for me, the rocking chair my mother had as i was growing up, this seating conjures things.

for patricia urquiola, she describes her inspiration for this seating like this: “nub is an emotive object, an element of my memory located in the context of my infancy, when i used to play with the bobbins that my grandmother used when she was making lace. these small wooden bars were playmates, which i have revised and redesigned in order to provide a base for the search for successive typologies. i always incorporate my domestic, private and past lives into my projects”. so great!!

isn't it amazing when you hear where designers/artists draw their inspiration from? it always sort of explains the piece in more depth, more clarity when you know. you can't help but approach the piece differently afterwards. but i love that! enjoy...

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