Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the hen house & the isle of skye.

i don't know alot about my ancestors, but one thing i do know is that they hail from the isle of skye, in the scottish highlands. i'm half scottish...and this "hen house" by rural design architects is pulling at my ancestral heart strings. and guess what makes this amazing house in this beautiful setting even better? you can rent it...
rural design architects bill this as a "small holiday house" and advises viewers and those entertaining renting it, to inquire here, whether the "hen house" is pulling at your ancestral heart strings or you just really want to go there.

the building was lifted and built on "piloti," which according to the architects "released the design from convention" and allows for open & stunning views north to south. when do we go? no, seriously? ;) enjoy!

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