Monday, February 11, 2013

sergey makhno interiors.

happy monday friends! i wanted to share/feature the work of sergey makhno today. a self-described artist, architect, designer and workshop project manager, sergey, russian born and educated, believes that "his imaginative vision is a combination of contradictory backgrounds and creation of artistic mixes from seemingly incompatible things." well put. i also see sergey's style as a mix of somewhere between architectural digest and the star trek enterprise. that's a compliment...
i have an affinity for sergey's design of the bedroom, because i think he does. to me, his bedroom creations are really his most fabulous room, the room he appears most comfortable rendering. the beds float, the lighting is other worldly, the texture and color palettes, subtle but sexy. just really great!

if you are drawn to this eclectic modern mix and twist on interiors, residential or commercial, or in need of very unusual and inventive inspiration for an ongoing renovation, check out sergey's site and more of his work here. his site offers alot to see!

how was your weekend? i was socked in with TONS of snow as we are winding down and cleaning up from a blizzard in new england. but as they say "when in rome," i made the best of it, i went sledding yesterday (laughing all the way) caught up on quiet time, and sloooowwwwwed down. in fact we had to. there was a driving ban (yes i said driving ban) for nearly 24 hours in my state to allow for the clean up. so like i said, sledding was really the best option. and a fun one! enjoy...

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