Tuesday, February 5, 2013

native cast lighting.

if you're into concrete like i am, if you love the raw texture and pleasing feel and look of the medium and the possibilities that concrete offers then you'll like the look of this line of lighting offered up by native cast.
these round and milk glass shaped pendants are my favorite. they implore a vintage era. with fittings such as soft nickle and warm brass, and gold and silver threaded cords, these lights present a multitude of interest, of feeling & texture. perfectly placed in any residential or commercial spaces.

concrete really is a fabulous material. it can be shaped, colored, left raw and rough or coated and smooth. concrete is playful, it is stoic and it's just plain fun to work with. what about you? have you ever incorporated this medium in any of your spaces? if so, i'd love to hear. enjoy!

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