Thursday, February 28, 2013

knoll. in orange.

this afternoon, i'm enjoying the pierre beuclur & jean christophe poggioli designed lounge collection, and offered up by knoll.

i'm not sure if it's that orange, or those metal legs in either a chrome or copper finish, or the black metal structure on which it all sits. or maybe it's because all that i hear when i stare at them is "psssst. you look like you could use a break. come on and lounge with me." that's probably it. to be honest.

i hope this afternoon finds your feeling energized and fairly euphoric. :) if not. find a cool place to lounge. you deserve it. enjoy!

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Hilary Kimbel said...

This is simply beautiful! i have been interested in learning more about avant garde gardening for a while now... I think it is just lovely!