Friday, February 22, 2013

a friday triptyque.

hey there for friday friends! this morning i'm drawn to the softness and subtleness of these landscape illustrations from wangela wrong's tumblr site. they are dreamy, soothing and sensual. full of promise and full of hope. a perfect bunch of feelings & a great segway into the weekend. don't you think?
this weekend i'm getting organized (a reoccurring theme i have going). but in between putting things away and taking them out. i'll be sipping some red wine, taking some photos (especially if it snows...i'll share them next week) and finding spaces to breathe and rejuvenate.

what about you? what are you looking forward to, or doing? what is your reoccurring theme, if you have one. i'd love to hear ;) enjoy...

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Soul Pretty said...

Hey...long time no hear...just stopped by to say, "hey"...and love those photos...soft and moody...just my style.