Tuesday, January 8, 2013

studio wm lights.

today, i'm attracted to these lights offered up by studio wm. gradient or softly solid shells, held up by pulleys and string wires, all of these textures and mediums coming together to form an interesting and simply pleasurable and appealing light.
wendy legro & martin collignon are the design team behind studio wm. they boast of playing with "optical illusions in weight and light." they do that, and they do that well.

studio wm's lighting options, should you need them, would not only brighten your spaces, they'd lighten a heavier space, a space weighted down by an already dominating color palette or heavy furniture pieces. they also offer a relaxed nature style~wise to a space a bit more conservative. residentially or commerically i really like the way in which these lights ease into spaces. plus they're pretty. enjoy!

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