Friday, January 25, 2013

retro & graphic.

i stumbled upon this site which highlights graphic, retro posters from back in the day. i like them for their fonts, the line and color palettes. i'm not a huge fan of framing prints ( i prefer original artwork), but these two could change my mind.
see more here. particularly inspiring if you're working on an artistic project and you need a boost of inspiration. these will do that.

and happy friday friends!! i'm just back from a 4 mile run in the 25 degree cold and i have to tell you, it. was. awesome. really! i enjoy running in the winter, there is something about that cold air in your lungs. rejuvenates me beyond words. what do you have planned for this upcoming weekend?

i'm going to be searching for something special for my son's birthday coming up on feb. 1st, heading to starbucks for an afternoon with my laptop to prepare for my last graduate course and job search (sitting there for some reason allows me to focus, where if i'm home, i'll just start doing laundry or something else instead of what i really need to be doing). in between i'm hoping to sip some red wine and breathe before another crazy semester begins. i hope you have a really great weekend yourselves...enjoy!

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