Wednesday, January 9, 2013

katherine's beach.

i live near the beach. i have my whole life. and while i'm currently open to new possibilities, searching for a new place/space to live and job searching at the same time, i'd love to know that i'll always have some sort of access to what i call "the edge," to water, to the beach.

and living near the beach i witness en plain air painting going on all over the landscape, painters interpreting the landscape, painting the landscape. and while most are lovely and talented artists and works, many seem the same to me, typical, and to be honest, a little boring. katherine sandoz is an exception. her work places me in the spaces i know, in the beauty that i know is there and fills me with the very wonderful sensory impact i feel when i'm there. at the beach.

katherine's work is certainly painterly and abstract, but it's clear, at least to me. there is a perfect essence of the spaces conveyed, the light and temperature are detected in her paintings. i can smell the ocean air, i can feel the sand and i can feel the impact of the giant sky above it all.

they say that the best way to judge a painting, how to know whether or not you really enjoy it, is whether or not you could buy it, bring it home and hang it on your wall, forever. i could do that with any of katherine's beach paintings. enjoy...

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