Wednesday, January 16, 2013

crossing glas.

i've posted about glas italia in the past. and while i'm not a giant fan of large amounts of glass in spaces, residentially or commercially, i do love the product line that glas italia creates. there is something almost magical about their pieces. these tables/desks, are my 2 new favorites...
also, the way in which glas italia incorporates color and line, straight into the glass, as if both are floating, frozen in time, in your space, for you to enjoy and admire, that's just plain amazing.

another refreshing reaction i find from glas italia is the way in which they display their designs. their website is artistically professional, their images not only promote and highlight each piece, they place them against dramatic backdrops, accentuating the artistry and design of each and every one. i love that! enjoy...

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