Thursday, January 17, 2013

atalier takagi. industrial design.

industrial designer jonah, of atalier takagi was born in tokyo and completed his fine arts degree at the rhode island school of design. his pairing of different mediums, lots of woods, metals, glass & cloths makes for exciting and interesting compilations.

this "market research end table" is my favorite piece of jonah's. constructed from ash wood, marble & aluminum, i want it. i really want it!
what's so fun about living in a world chock full of beyond talented artists and designers, is being able to be picky. because of the variety of products and designs that artists are contributing to the design world, we are able to establish a place, a space, residential or commercial in such a way that is unique, and personal, and reflective of you, or me. don't you love that? i do...enjoy!

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