Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a wow wood space.

this apartment located in spain and designed by diaz y diaz arquitectos is swathed in wood, beautiful wood. classically lined, fresh and certainly warm, wood supports these spaces, sometimes fluidly, from floor to ceiling, as in the kitchen, wood leads you here, it is inviting, it is conspicuous and deliberate without being overpowering.

mixing soft and chunky with intricate and elaborate patterns such as some of the floor work, wood was considered important, and it should have been.
the balance comes with the white walls throughout, and the color palette is repeated and remembered with the white lighting eminating within the entire apartment, to the bathroom sinks which sink into wooden bases and the white closet lined hallway. anything else would have taken away from the beauty of the wood, it's palette and the wonderful texture that it offers.

instead these spaces glow, they are inspiring and clean. and lovely. enjoy!

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