Tuesday, December 11, 2012

vauni fire globes.

these free-standing, biofueled flueless fire globes offered up by vauni have me wishing for snow and staying indoors. forever. well except for more coffee and red wine runs...
these vauni fire globes are sculptural all on their own, even when the fire isn't burning. and when it is? well i believe that fire is just sort of so primeval to us humans. that it literally fulfills an emotional need. and markus grip, head of design for vauni echos my sentiments on their site.

what about you? are you one of those people who needs, wants and loves fire? i'd love to hear...it would literally be a selling point for me if i was to buy a home. fire just does something ot me. enjoy!


Callie Grayson said...

I have been seriously thinking of adding a fireplace or wood burning stove type in my house. And these are an excellent option!
Love a good fireplace to warm the toes, and sip my wine!

Sing of Sing'ature Style said...

I love a free-standing fireplace.