Monday, December 24, 2012

peace & love this christmas.

wishing you much peace and love this christmas. and a happy new year! from my family to yours, from my part of the world to yours...
(me & my son ethan)

i feel as if this year has been both amazing, challenging, trying, fulfilling and at times more sad than i thought i'd ever know....all in one year. but after stopping and reflecting & considering all that has happened to me this year, i'm all the more grateful of particular times and lucky by having been a part of all of it.

i'm ending this year in a very different place than i started. that is a good thing. i'm looking forward to next year, to what the world throws at me and i'm ready for it...more than you know.

i hope you are finding that, as this year winds down, as christmas is here, that you too find, out of all of it, the things you are lucky for. merry christmas friends! enjoy...

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