Wednesday, December 5, 2012

mr. moss.

ah, these are cool. these mr. moss hanging moss ball plants. and wrapped in neon string? all the more cool. aaaalllllll the more cool!
when they become dry, you dunk them. they have stands or you can hang them. look at them. they will make you smile. they come wrapped in a variety of neon colors. which would you choose? i'd go for the yellow i'm thinking...enjoy ;)

p.s. my favorite jazz musician dave brubeck passed away today. he's been my source of calm and contemplation on long nights driving home from classes in boston. i saw him play in boston a few years ago and am so thankful that i did.  i would select his music if i only had one choice to take to a deserted island. i've added a video of him to my likes & listens tab. if you're a fan like me...

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