Thursday, December 13, 2012

in between...

so, in between writing giant papers for both of my graduate courses, putting together material for studying for finals and working a little in between, well, in between all of that craziness, i am getting into the spirit of things...or at least trying.
i closed the computer last night and watched a christmas movie, sipped some wine and laughed out loud. no, i seriously laughed out loud. here's what happened...

so my sister has a christmas party coming up and says..."let's get our nails done and i'll treat!", ah, ok. no brainer right? so i find myself surrounded by people, in the nail salon, that dont' speak english. well, they might, but they weren't. they would speak to each other in this other language and then look over at me. ok. so i felt like elaine on this episode of seinfeld, remember? yeah.

so, on the wall are these giant plasma t.v's and the salon is playing a christmas movie, this christmas movie. it might be that my brains are scrambled right now, or that my energy level is currently registering at zero, but i proceeded to sit there, amongst the foreign language being muttered around me, and i stared, locked in, to this film and laughed. and not like laughed inside. i laughed outside. so that all of the non-english-speaking (well, at the time anyway) people, and my sister were just looking at me.

and you know, with that look that says "i knew this was funny but is it really that funny?" i don't know if it was that funny. but i do know that i hadn't laughed like that in a while. no wait, i hadn't laughed in a while.

so after i went home i looked for the same movie on the t.v. and found it. i sat myself down and watched the whole thing. and laughed some more. so in the end, it wasn't about getting my nails done. not at all. it was about stopping. looking and laughing. i hope you are finding some time to laugh this season too. and if not, go get your nails done ;) enjoy...

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