Monday, December 17, 2012

geometric monday diy.

while i'm feeling super artistic this winter season, i thought i'd share a cool diy idea i saw over on weekday carnival's blog, this geometric wall she painted in her home.
what i love, besides how amazing hers turned out, is that anyone, you or i, could emulate the same idea, but create totally new patterns and implementing totally varied color palettes. first of all: do you like this idea? second: what kind of patterns would you draw out, more simplistic or even more complex? third: would you utilize a similar color palette, soft hued, or would you go more daring & bold?

i think if i was trying this for the first time, i'd keep the pattern simple and maybe go even more subtle with the color palette. how about tones of white, some warmer than others? and all just a shade off from the next? that would be a nice & wintry wall for ya! enjoy...

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