Friday, December 21, 2012

feeling goofy.

so 2 weeks ago i drove up to my son's college to try to get a few minutes with him to shoot one decent photo for our christmas cards. he's dramatic and fun and every time i wanted to get serious...he kept goofing off and making funny faces at me, with me. it was perfect. since we ended up cracking up in the end. we were pressed for time, without a professional to guide us and without anyone for that matter to even snap a photo. so we propped the camera on a ledge behind his dorm and just had fun. we finally managed to grab one that we liked for our cards, these are not one of those. but these are some of the fun. ;)

i'll post the christmas card photo on christmas day. nothing extravagant, but at least he's not making funny faces. i hope your weekend incorporates a little bit of goofy. we all need that once in a while. enjoy!
p.s. this little diddy is how our crazy attempts at the camera began...

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