Thursday, December 20, 2012

christmas~y mood.

friends...how is your christmas spirit level? are you there yet? are you on your way? i'm somewhere in between and trying hard. i've started making handmade christmas tags for my presents and just mailed out my christmas cards. today...i'm heading down the highway to pick up my son from college for his (and mine, thanks be to christmas) long break from courses.
so this is how my day is going to go down. skinny mocha for the ride. i've had coffee, don't need more. just want more. ;) then...after the small car i have is (i'm sure) packed to the gills with dirty laundry, we will head back down the highway but not before stopping here, what i call mecca because you just don't get this kind of food in my part of the world. so to go and eat biscuits?...yeah, that my friends is indeed a pilgrimage of sorts.

then my son will most likely play me music that's he's been storing on his ipod that he saves to introduce me to (he finds really great stuff) all while enjoying conversation and his super dry sense of humor. can't wait. i hope you are doing similar things today to get into the spirit. enjoy!

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