Wednesday, November 21, 2012

mysterio foscarini.

foscarini describes this mysterio line of lighting as "an eye of light that penetrates the room." sweet. a polycarbonate shell oozing metallic finishes, reflecting not the space but only themselves, the light, oh the light! read more about foscarini here and here.
these lights remind me of those used in a photography session. lighting beautiful people, or landscapes, or spaces & places. or lighting i'd see in a swanky vintage french bakery or cafe. plus they're just kind of cool.

how are you today? i'm heading out soon to pick my son up from college and bring him back for thanksgiving. to feed him. it's what i do. ;) i hope your day is going along at a relaxing pace. take time for yourself today. i know i've said this a few times lately, but you deserve it! enjoy...


Callie Grayson said...

They are really cool, love the colour of light that bounces off the metallic finish.
Ps have a happy thanksgiving!

InteriorDoorandCloset.com said...

So sweet! I could only say that lights could add to the glamour inside the house. Very unique.