Tuesday, November 13, 2012

how amazing first of all is this multicolored, architecturally abstract bookshelf? and you know what it makes me think i do, mistakenly? build one. ;)
yeah that's right. i look at something like this, this wall treatment/storage idea/my mind goes racing imagining what i can fill those square and rectangular spaces piece of furniture, and i think huh...i could probably build it, i could get out tools and draw this thing up and do it my own way. and then i remember. i have no tools. i would buy all of the wood necessary and while i could certainly paint this beauty, my let's shall we say, my building skills, stand somewhere in the negative.

on a more slightly serious note, couldn't you go mad filling these shelves, with sculpture, books, lighting, photos, gadgets and cool finds from your life? me too. enjoy!

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Sing of Sing'ature Style said...

Wow what a great piece, love all the colors.