Saturday, November 17, 2012


this is my thought this saturday morning. that fear sucks. i just sort of typed that, and that's the way i'm going to leave it. and it pairs well with this fun give~away from bri and jimmy marble on designlovefest. you can enter here by coming up with your own saying/phrase/thought for your very own banner.
i stayed late the other day, into the early evening at a starbucks to study for one of my graduate classes. i happened to notice an older man with a really sweet face sitting across from me and after a few minutes he struck up conversation. it was a nice break from staring at the computer.

he mostly wanted to talk and wanted someone to listen. so he did and i did. he spoke of a fabulous education at the harvard law school and then a career in finance. he had met some more than interesting people in some more than interesting places. after one of his fun stories about sitting with this oil executive in denver one night sipping wine, (wine that he had flown in just for that meeting) he asked the oil executive to describe in one sentence what the secret of his success was.

after careful consideration, he replied that it would be, to never be afraid to ask for what you want. hmmm. it seems like such a simple or cliche thing to say. so why is it so hard sometimes for us to say it? is it because sometimes you don't get what you want? but sometimes you do. so fear is for jerks right?

it stayed with me a while. i've thought about that guy for a few days now, about our conversation, about him talking and me listening. and i'm glad i did. listen that is. it's as if i was supposed to be there at that moment, at that particular time, to meet that exact person and hear that very story. i needed it. do you ever have moments in time like that? i'd love to hear. enjoy...

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