Thursday, October 11, 2012

the brick house's 2 diy table ideas. so great.

i'm enjoying reading about these 2 diy table makeover ideas. really they are new construction in a way, of bought or found pieces. morgan satterfield of the brick house, also a fabulous read on it's own and chock full of interior goodness, featured 2 posts recently, with these amazing outcomes.

the first table, the top, was found & purchased on craigslist. it's one of those curious pieces of wood that you think..."huh, i'm not sure i like that." until you see what you can do with it, as in adding fabulous hairpin legs and dipping them in neon. so, that's what she did...have a look. oh, and you can read more about exactly how she accomplished the whole perfect look, here.
the second diy table idea features another curious chuck of wood, also found on craigslist but this time, morgan took galvanized steel pipes wrapped in jute and dipped in soft yellow paint for the addition of new legs. see more and read more about this project, here.
so...which one is your favorite idea and are you currently turning your head, looking around every room in your house for something to transform and spray paint like i am? seriously, how fun are these tables? love. enjoy!

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