Wednesday, October 24, 2012

plastic goods.

designer/artist phil cuttance is taking scrap plastic, from a local london plastic fabricator and hot air welding them into these really interesting geometric vases.
phil also creates faceture lightshades and vases out of water base resin. they are offered up in a variety of super soft pastel colors, check those out here.

there is always someone on this planet, each and every day, doing something differently. especially re-imagining new uses for found materials or discarded materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, you name it. that's what makes the design world so interesting, that's what i'm talking about friends!

p.s.) i'm heading last minute to a fundraising event for a local politician tonight in boston and the special guest is none other than this guy. so, i'll have a smile on my face. wouldn't you? and i need a smile today. enjoy!

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