Tuesday, October 2, 2012

paul wright. a painterly language.

i wanted to feature the paintings of paul wright today. paul notes that he's "developed a painterly language" evolving, from illustrating...toward painting. paul's subjects are "glimpsed at rather than exposed." their "inner selves hinted at but ultimately inscrutable."
oh and the space that paul places his subjects of study are ambiguous on purpose. "the spaces they inhabit are often indeterminate, providing an atmosphere that allows for ambiguity of psychological state." "the subjects retain their integrity and yet a sense of intimacy is evoked."

paul wright also paints things, interiors, flowers etc. but his studies of people are what i found myself drawn to. his unconventional approach to recognizing people, through imposing thick brush strokes, a confidence to his application of the paint and the fact that he places them head on, direct and allowing you to experience them right away and intensely. this is what artwork is all about. enjoy!

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Callie Grayson said...

loving his work!! glimpse is exactly the word needed to describe these wonderful paintings. the first one, I really love!!