Wednesday, October 10, 2012

note design.

i'm loving today, some of the sweet stools and sassy seating options coming out of note design. modern and almost abstract in a way, (especially their stools), note design at the very least, offers you choices in different.
in this bottom image, the larger piece is a table and the smaller a stool! too cool for school i say ;)

so....we've reached the middle of the week and how are you? i'm desperately trying not to panic at the amount of graduate work and mid~term exams i have approaching me like the end of the earth is near. yeah. so. like i said, day to day i'm seriously having to prioritize my time and my accomplishments. really good french coffee in the morning and runs outside in between to de~stress are helping ;) i hope this mid~week wednesday is already treating you well...enjoy!

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