Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my storm.

i was caught on the outskirts of the hurricane yesterday. it was windy beyond words. it was beautiful beyond words. this is what i saw...
i'm one of those people that if you tell me that a hurricane is coming and you tell me to stay indoors, i'm heading out. so i grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and enjoyed the whole storm, the whole day of it. i drove around, i watched people, i watched people watching the storm.

i stayed out, on the road, the whole day. i listened to the storm because it has a sound. i watched it subside and calm and everything return to normal, except it wasn't.

from my vantage point, you could see just how small we are as people, how little control we really have over events, such as these. it just had me thinking, and i found myself giving renewed respect for the wind, the ocean and the seals i saw swimming through all of it. enjoy.

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Jules said...

what beautiful photos, robin! i'm so happy to hear that you're okay and were able to actually "enjoy" the major storm :) fantastic post. xoxo - julie