Friday, October 12, 2012

honeycomb shelves & happy friday!

ok, so, while i'm seemingly into do~it~yourself~ideas this week, why not another? and why not for a fabulous friday, right? maybe stimulating you for a fun weekend project? the blog, a beautiful mess (cool name too!) featured this honeycomb shelf make it yourself post this summer. i love it. i want it.
oh, and think about the possibilities...you can paint the wood instead of leaving it natural or stained. you could add hints of neon, inside the honeycomb cell maybe? or directly applied to the edges for a more subtle pop? you could really have some serious fun building these...and filling them ;)

hey, hey for friday! what are you up to? do you have fabulous plans? i'd love to hear! i'm working (alot) this weekend, but,in between, i'm looking for this kind of action: a run outside, in the fall sun, red wine at night, reading until i fall asleep, and sleeping well. enjoy!

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