Thursday, September 27, 2012

mestizodizenio. argentinian style.

 mestizodizenio's designs, sends the message utility meets comfort, then let's add in some super bright color and boom, you have expressive pieces, luring your design senses, making you smile. i think that mestizodizenio's pieces would add a little happy to your spaces. no, really...i do!
(via design milk)
math has never been my strong suit. in fact it sort of frightens me. but mestizodizenio's designs, evocative of math, of geometry, make me look at math, through design, differently...it seems somehow, just more fun.

how is your mid~day thursday treating you? this almost friday, it's so close you can feel it afternoon? my son is coming home from college tomorrow for the weekend, so i'm getting ready to feed him, give him a hair cut (he suddenly only likes the way that i cut it. i cut hair well, but don't tell anyone!) and feed him some more. enjoy the rest of this day!

p.s. i've posted a couple of new groups/sounds/videos if anyone is in the maket for new music, under my likes & listens tab.