Friday, September 28, 2012

how will you be unwinding this weekend?

earlier this year, apartment therapy posted about beanbag chairs. remember bean bag chairs? whoa, i thought i was all kinds of vogue when i was younger and i received my very own bean bag chair. i think it was faux red leather. yikes.
so weigh in here...did you ever have one? do you now? are you lying? just kidding. anyway, this one offered up by pb teen (but, ah, you don't have to be a teenager, just saying...) could very well call my name, lure me over, and capture me for a while. book in hand, red wine placed precariously close (to all of that white) and dave brubeck (or perhaps robert cray if i'm feeling a little more funky/blues~y) billowing a little louder than normal. so, if i had a very cool bean bag such as this, i'd be plunked down in the middle of it this weekend, for sure ;)

what about you friends? how are you unwinding, getting your groove on or chilling out this weekend? i'd love to hear. my son is coming home from college. i'll be enjoying his company and his sense of humor this weekend. perfect! enjoy...