Wednesday, September 12, 2012

domus. it's all about the shades.

this mid~week wednesday, i'm all about these shades. light shades that is. domus offers up a "light brings life" mentality. and with regard to interior design, domus calls lighting a "discrete element, also referred to as the fourth dimension in space." they also state that the affect of light also affects people, places. so true. and this is why i love this company and these lights...here are a few of my recent fav's...
there is an easy yet interesting textural element with these shades, modern yet not stand~off~ish. domus nails it with that. all of that!

how is your mid~week morning starting off. well, i made my coffee too weak (excuse for heading out for a mocha later as redemption), i have a gigantic work load in front of me (all inspiring but still, it's alot) and the sun is out. so with that, i'm off. the mocha and the sun will keep me going...enjoy your day friends!

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Callie Grayson said...

I have been searching for a floor lamp for 4 years now. Need to find the perfect one for the living room
Ps the dye project needs work, the colour came out super bright not lilac at all!
Seriously blinding