Thursday, September 13, 2012

1616 arita japan ceramics.

i wanted to share with you this thursday morning some of the exquisite~ness, the porcelain offered up by arita japan. arita's ceramics are a combined thinness and strength. beginning with their own "standard" series, arita soon invited "dutch designers scholten & baijings to develop their own line named color porcelain." this color line is my favorite. there is something new about the way they interpret yellow, or red or blue. have a look...
the numbers 1616 come from the fact that in the year 1616, koreans first introduced the art of pottery to japan. the rest they say, is history. i love this line.

how are you this thursday friends? i'm heading up to boston to get a bunch, ok, ALOT of coursework stuff done at harvard. sometimes you just have to be there. so i will. i hope this thursday is finding you creative, inspired and energized. enjoy!

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Christiana said...

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