Friday, August 24, 2012

the apartment.

happy friday friends! i wanted to share with you a fab new find, the apartment, "a new universe of design objects, furniture, antiques & art." the founders of the apartment hold a close relationship with well known auction houses such as sotheby's and christies. that means that their finds are compelling and unparalleled...and just plain beautiful. if you are in the market for gently used pieces, unique and hard to find pieces, the apartment has that. here a just a few of my recent favorites...
and see, this is what i love about designing spaces, whether they be residential or commercial. i think it's beyond important to incorporate a mix of old and new, pairing those that have weathered nicely with those brand new, awaiting experiences and events.

if you constantly pull from new pieces, whether it be art, furniture or lighting, it doesn't matter, you miss out on talented designers and artists from the past. styles, techniques and traditions from the past. old and new compliment each other (bigtime!) and make for much more interesting spaces than a stale compilation of one time period. i love that!

i hope you have interesting, exciting and amazing plans for your upcoming weekend. my son is heading back to college soon, so i'm running around a little picking up last minute things/food/clothing he needs. which is so fun for me. enjoy!


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Callie Grayson said...

Love these picks! Great shop. Thanks for sharing
Happy weekend

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