Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sinuous waves of glass.

in general, personally and design~wise, i have to admit, and i have in the past, that i'm not a giant fan of utilizing the medium of glass, specifically when it comes to furniture. i once had an injury from glass (in a fine arts course in college of all places) and that's a story for another time, but, and perhaps because of that, as a medium, glass has not always been my favorite. a big "but" here: these trapezoidal glass shelves, offered up by sovet, with their sinuous waves, with their open sides and ends, have me looking at glass just a little bit differently this tuesday morning.
there is something so un~invasive about this shelving. it exists quietly in the environment which it is placed, standing behind everything else placed on it or near it. yet the quietness of them is what makes them stand out. what makes them shine. it's what is making these large pieces of glass seem not quite so ominous to me this morning. i love that! enjoy...

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