Saturday, August 25, 2012

saturday sweet get~away.

yeah for the weekend! i hope you are beginning your weekend relaxed & in a great space. and if not, then you gotta get to one!
how sweet would this little get~away mobile be? for snoozing in the sun, or stretched out reading a book and listening to the water and the birds and smelling the trees and flowers all around you. aaaaaahhhhhh, i just took a deep breath. now you do it. ;) enjoy...

p.s. new music find on my likes & listens tab. good old war and amazing eyes. i'm addicted.  via anne at the city sage.


Callie Grayson said...

Would love to sleep in the wilderness in one of those lovely trailers, they rent them out..... I must add to my list of things to do next summer since this one is almost gone!!
enjoy your weekend!

Vashaeski said...

Love the little sleep-away, what is it called and where can it be rented from?
Fall is coming..... enjoy the color.