Thursday, August 16, 2012

newness from edra.

so, what i really love and what i've always really loved about the product line over at edra is that cross between utilitarian and a punk, edgy look. edra is all about drama, all about texture, surface texture is everywhere, but they are also about doing things in a very different way.
a few of edra's designs are downright kitchy and brash, you know...like an unwanted guest at a party, someone who is just a touch loud, yet you find yourself captivated by them and can't stop staring at them? yeah, some of what edra has is that. and i love that!

happy almost friday friends! do you have early plans fixed for your upcoming weekend? if so, i'd love to hear...enjoy!


Sing said...

I really like the tables, so funky.

Walnut Furniture said...

What a captivating design! It has somehow leap into a picture-perfect figure in photography. Awesome …