Saturday, August 4, 2012

marco stefanelli & happy weekend!

so.......i'm getting late start on saying happy weekend friends!, so here it is then...yeah for the weekend ;) and yeah for this fab new find (at least new to me) of marco stefanelli and his reclaimed wood pieces lit with led lights, evoking a mysterious, dreamy approach to lighting a space.
stefanelli takes hold of scrap woods, from sawmills and a variety of other sources, occupies them with a mix of resin and led lights, almost exposing the light, as if it's supposed to be hidden and not discovered, but by the tiniest of luck, a sliver of a crack has opened and offers up a sneak peek at what's inside.

these stools/tables/seats are really just so interesting, they're striking really. the mixed medium of the wood, the resin, the light, the sensationally soft gold cracks oozing out of this tough, rough wood certainly makes for a conversation piece, in either a residential or commercial space. don't you think?

what are your weekend plans friends? i'd love to hear! i'm determined to get into the ocean today, itching for a summer swim, bigtime! to cleanse, to make me smile, to just make me feel soooo good. the ocean does that for me. i'm back from a night at foxwoods with my sister. i used to laugh at the thought of spending a day at one of the indian casinos like foxwoods. i used to think that it seemed like a complete waste of time (and money of course) but after a night of slot machines, and becoming slightly mesmerized by the darn things, i kind of get the attraction now. they're just plain fun (now and then anyway) ;) enjoy your saturday friends!!

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Mary- Candles Lovers said...

what a wonderful creativity, never thought about light in a piece of wood like that, but it's fascinating!!! Planning to stay indoors for a calm and rested weekend that i truly need. Have a great weekend!!!