Wednesday, August 22, 2012

favorite new shelving ideas.

it seems so industrial or even boring to talk about shelving or storage space ideas. but let me change that for you. i've rounded up some fab new favorites, from different designers, different companies and styles to be sure. but all very non~boring my friends! promise. have a look...

this particular shelving design is one of my new favorites. designed and offered up by j1 studio, the functional yet sculptural quality is beyond attractive.
jagged, disjointed, interesting and all on purpose are these shelves found over at chris ruhe's studio.
now this is the epitomy of doing things differently, especially when it comes to shelving or storage ideas. have a small space to fill or a small space in general? how about hanging your shelving? up? like i said, doing it differently. these floating shelves are offered up by adrien de melo studio.
the herky~jerky motion of this fun modular shelf space, offered up by kompott is fabulous because you can configure it just about any way/shape/form your little heart desires.
i am really drawn to the simplicity & the medium of these framed shelves offered up by presse citron. lacquered steel and perfectly ready to frame your favorite objects d'art no?
and lastly, i'm also saving as one of my new favorites, the moroccan magic of these brilliantly beautiful shelves designed and offered up by younes design. i could stare at these for hours.
so, what do you think? are you drawn to any of these unusual/unique designs? and if so, which ones? i'd love to hear. the top and bottom are my favorites. and by that i mean that i can most certainly see one of them in my home, and for the long term. easily too! enjoy..

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Callie Grayson said...

My favorite is the ladders all connected wonky like. Seriously a cool idea!