Monday, August 13, 2012

cerruti baleri. especially innovative.

happy monday morning friends! i wanted to start the week off with innovative, bang sha-bang! quirky, conversation pieces. that's what's new and surprising, & offered up by cerruti baleri. if you are looking for something way out there, if you are seeking a serious conversation piece, well, here ya go!
from cactus-esque seating to fringy, playful pieces, baleri's pieces incorporate bold color palettes, tons of texture and abstract and off the charts design. and because of all of that, i love these pieces!

how was your weekend? ours was pretty rainy and grey, mixed in with hot sun when it finally popped out here and there. but i did start a pleasure reading book, sipped some red wine and spent time with my son, so my weekend was just how i wanted it to be, i sure hope yours was too ;) enjoy...

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Sing said...

Wow, what pieces.