Tuesday, August 7, 2012

bark is beautiful. & very british.

this tuesday i wanted to share a fab new find, very british, very bespoke & very beautiful. trained as classic cabinetmakers, husband and wife team jonathan walter & lakshmi bhaskaran of bark classify their work as playful yet confident, inspired by the bold period of the mid-century modern era and the atlantic surf which surrounds them. and as you can see, they understand furniture.
myself, i also see elements of scandinavia, shaker, and definitely the 1960's-1970's-esque styles, (ok, so i'm dating myself). i love that bark's pieces are easy on the eyes, adapting to any space, residential or commercial in an unobtrusive way. they're quiet yet flirty.

how is your tuesday starting out? i'm taking my son today for his learner's permit. so......that means fun waiting at the registry, and you know what i mean. ;) i hope your day is creative and inspiring, enjoy!

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