Monday, July 30, 2012

luminaire. & happy monday!

this monday morning (and i hope your weekend was amazing!), i wanted to share with you some super interesting new options by way of lighting, offered up by luminaire.
known for their minimalistic yet clean and playful lines, luminaire draws you in with all of that.
sure they're modern, sure they might not be everyone's style? but you guys have to admit, that when you are listening to that little voice in the back of your design head, saying, hey, i really want need to do something just a little bit differently in my residential or commercial space, that any of these options would do the trick.

how was your weekend? mine was yet again busy but with spots of super relaxing. have a great start to a brand new week, enjoy!

p.s. cool new sound on my likes & listens tab.  perfect for a slow start to a monday morning!

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