Wednesday, July 18, 2012

la maison d'anna g. design scandinave.

i've always been a follower of la maison d'anna g's blog. but now she's offering up some sweet product from her new on line store. the line is fresh, interesting, fun, and she ships worldwide. i've selected a few of my favorites here, have a look...
i'm really drawn to the pattern and texture selections whether it be in her choice of fabrics, materials used in vases or candlesticks or lighting. even if you are only selecting one new piece from la maison d'anna g, it is sure to offer intrigue to your spaces.

how are you this mid~week wednesday? i'm working, then working later on a paper due this week (i'm taking one graduate course this summer to keep plugging along). but this morning i'm also treating myself to french coffee and a croissant at my favorite little bakery. so, life is good! i hope you have fantastic day friends, enjoy...


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