Friday, July 13, 2012

it's friday! & kari herer photography.

happy friday friends! i so hope this week was both productive, inspiring and interesting for all of you. it was for me too! i hope to be back to more regular posting, it's a start. i'm feeling stronger, more creative, a little more inspired each and every day, so that's what i'm talking about ;)

so this friday, i happened upon a seriously sweet etsy site, by photographer kari herer. kari incorporates fine art, graphic design and amazing up close photography into her pieces, oh and also there's the flowers. oh, the flowers!...
amazing, right? right! so, now that i'm back, i'd really love to catch up with everyone and ask, what are you up to this very summery weekend? i'd love to hear!

i'm immersed in summer lectures for another graduate course i'm taking (alot behind me, 3 to go!). then i might indulge in a short walk down to the local farmers market near me where my friend tania sell these, and my friends, they are not even funny delicious! after that will have to be a surprise, as i have no other concrete plans. but wine will probably be in order ;) wherever you go, whatever you do this weekend, enjoy!

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