Monday, July 9, 2012

copper bathtubs. & metals in general.

hi friends and happy monday! i wanted to take a break from my break to share with you a fabulous company, chock full of amazing bathtubs, offering you a giant variety of options if you are renovating or building, residential or commercial spaces. and my favorite from victorian bathrooms? the copper bathtubs. why? you cannot get any more luxurious!
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do you have a bathtub? i rent a little cottage that has been without a tub, much to my dismay. having always been a serious lover of the tub, this has to be remedied one day soon.

one thing i really enjoy considering for tub options is the texture that metal adds to the space. and copper? there is something so natural, so warm and exciting about the material, about the metal. add that to a bathtub? and you have down right spectacular! enjoy...

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Sarah Carter said...

So royal! It would combine perfectly with this... don't you think? http://www.delightfull.eu/suspension/brubeck_unique_hanging_lamp.html