Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a storage idea. captured beautifully.

designed by bjorn jorund blikstad and for his corporation titled "by." blikstad is intrigued by the idea of taking a thought or scene or image and transforming it from a 2 dimensional idea to a 3 dimensional reality.

the imeuble storage units are multi-fascinating in that you can design them however you'd like, however many of them you'd like. and what about color? or not? how about all one color, like a vibrant red for both an exceptional wall treatment that is also functional. oh and don't forget that it also could add that complete punch of dramatic color that an otherwise drab space begs for. either residentially or commercially.
it's also so organic an idea, an organic form. rather like a nest or beehive, evocative of nature. i really love this as an office display piece but imagine it in another less corporate space. imagine a bathroom wall, with the units all one color, or all white. and holding rolled up towels? or in a living space holding books and anything else you'd fancy adding like sculpture or art work or photos? there are a ton of ideas, a ton!

i'm just back from an early morning run (and running through people's lawn sprinklers to cool off, shhhhh don't tell them). i have a long day of catching up on coursework, so i'm getting right to it. i hope your day is starting out energetic and positive. if not, go run through some sprinklers too ;) enjoy...

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