Tuesday, June 5, 2012

reconciling. modernity with tradition. oh, an in orange.

this tuesday, i wanted to share with you a mash of modernity, paired with tradition. and in a nice & bright, get your attention color.

the belle etoile by serralunga is playing with my senses today. luring me in with that shiny thickly molded plastic base and even more so with a variety of textile components, making for an interesting aesthetic. another wow piece for any residential or commercial space.

especially in this last image, where the belle etoile is paired amongst antique gilded mirrors or asian inspired walls & lamps? seriously interesting space going on here. and that's what it's all about friends, mixing and mashing, traditions, cultures, styles, periods and yes, even plastic ;)

what are you up to today? i'm feeling energized and positive and inspired despite the grey weather that new england has been under for days now. there is a smile on my face and i'm heading out for a run, yes, in the rain. enjoy!

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