Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pretty pots and getting outside.

this wednesday, i wanted to share a very pretty pot maker, de castelli. oh, and they offer a wide variety of other beautiful things too, but today, i'm just loving these pots...

are you an outside person? do you love being outside, biking, running, gardening? or are you honestly one of those, i'd rather be indoors types of people? i'm an outdoors person. i have to be outside. outdoors is where i go to breathe, to relax, to calm down, to get excited, so for me today, these pots put me in a great mindset, excited to contemplate where to place them, what to place in them, and to just plain enjoy them, and of course, outdoors.

p.s.) speaking of the outdoors, did you guys see this post on cup of jo about the glow in the dark driveway? yeah, i said glow in the dark driveway, how awesome would that be? so awesome, that's what!

i hope that this mid~week wednesday you are feeling energized and that your week is humming along nicely. mine is. it really is! enjoy...

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