Monday, June 18, 2012

preforated & pretty. mid~afternoon texture.

happy monday friends! i hope your weekend was amazing...this mid~afternoon, i'm head over heels for the texture & super modern style of this perforated coffee table offered up by degas.

you know what? even if your residential or commercial spaces are more traditional, or more classic, entering in or inviting in a more contemporary piece, such as this little number by degas can only add more interesting, more pizazz. that's why i love eclectic, i adore mixing & matching styles, periods & pieces.

do you mix & match? or do you design with or toward one particular style and without deviating? i'd love to hear! enjoy...

1 comment:

Tutkin Tutkin said...

Yean, I agree it really might look great in a traditional interior.
I'm curious how it would look for example wieh the Nanook armchair by Brabbu...